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Why Mutual Mobile?

Make your web app cut through the noise with a well-researched design strategy and pixel-perfect execution. Fluent in a wide range of web-specific skills, our award-winning team will deliver your requirements to perfection.

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Why do clients love Mutual Mobile?

"After working with Mutual Mobile for many years, I trust them to help us with execution of the Flexdrive vision. Thanks to their partnership, we’ve expanded from a fleet of 35 vehicles in one market to now offer almost 6000 vehicles in ten major metros…and we are just getting started."

- Jose Puente, Flexdrive CEO.

"I really appreciated their dedication and their willingness to accommodate based on our needs. Mutual Mobile provided the best communication methods and the highest level of availability that I’ve experienced."

— Russ King, Director of Contractor Solutions, Southwire.

Mutual Mobile delivered a scalable product that streamlined internal processes and drove value for end-customers. They excelled at setting clear expectations and then executing them. Articulate and forthcoming, the team facilitated a strong collaboration.

— Director of Pricing, Builders FirstSource

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the intricacies of web app development

What languages do we use for web app development?
The languages chosen for web app development depend on your frontend and backend requirements. However, some of the popular languages preferred by our award-winning developers include Java, JavaScript, GraphQL, PHP, React, Angular, Python, and HTML. So don’t worry about the large number of languages to choose from; our developers and engineers will assist you in making your choice based on your project requirements.
What CMS platforms do we use for web app development?
Drupal, Joomla, Sitecore, Kentico, WordPress, and Sanity are some of the CMS platforms preferred by our award-winning developers. However, the CMS platform for your project will depend on your requirements—a decision our team can gladly assist you with.
Do we design custom websites?
Yes, we design websites that are based on your custom requirements. To do this, we conduct intensive discovery sessions, stakeholder workshops, user interviews, and design sprints to understand your critical requirements for the project. We then develop wireframes for the website based on the findings, which can be customized to suit your specific needs.
Will the developed website be optimized for smartphones and tablets?
Yes, it will. Mobile devices and tablets are becoming increasingly popular as means of accessing websites. In fact, 68% of website visits globally in 2020 were from mobile devices. Given these statistics, your website will be optimized for smartphones and tablets to engage more users.
What kind of support do we provide during the development process?
Our web developers are known for their commitment to open lines of communications—something all our clients can attest to. We believe app developers deliver their best apps in a collaborative environment and ensure the dialogue around your app always brims with fresh ideas.
Do we provide support, maintenance, and updates to your web development solution?
Yes, yes, and yes. Mutual Mobile is a firm believer in creating quality digital experiences. Our team of web app developers will work with you even after the delivery for robust maintenance and support, ensuring your app never has an off day. And what’s more, as your technology partner, our developers will keep you abreast of the latest digital solutions to help you stay on top of cutting costs and driving revenues.

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