50% of Fortune 500s as Clients

AccuWeather engaged us to help serve their Fortune 500 B2B clients through customized enterprise weather apps focused on saving lives and money.

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Over 1.5 billion people worldwide rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day.

AccuWeather delivers forecasts with astonishing accuracy. Their customized content and engaging video presentations are available through smartphones, tablets, free wired mobile Internet sites via, and award-winning AccuWeather apps.

AccuWeather for Business delivers a wide range of highly customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions. They also provide weather news, content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites.

AccuWeather needed customized enterprise weather apps to serve their Fortune 500 B2B clients to align with their vision — save lives, protect property, and help people prosper.

Photo courtesy of AccuWeather


The Move to Mobile

In 2017, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions (AES) was only accessible by browser. So AccuWeather (AW) partnered with us to build native apps for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

Additionally, In-field users of the Fortune 500 enterprise clients were forced to use mobile browsers to access information on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, this led to a substandard experience with data loss, configuration issues, and a control nightmare for users. Hence, AccuWeather partnered with us to build a native app experience for AES App.


Weather Data Meets Customization in the Enterprises


Deliver the MVP to AccuWeather’s clients quickly. Include the high-impact features while keeping the designs and elements standard for familiarity with the browser-based solution.


  • Step 1: Mutual Mobile planned and kicked off the collaboration with AccuWeather with a 2-week discovery workshop. Mutual Mobile’s delivery and technical teams worked closely with AccuWeather’s product and technical leaders. ‍
  • Step 2: Our team gets working on an MVP.‍

Objective: Deliver the MVP to AccuWeather’s clients quickly. Include the high-impact features while keeping the designs and elements standard for familiarity with the browser-based solution.


  • Step 3: We built iOS and Android apps to further establish AccuWeather as the number one provider of customized, relevant, and focused weather warnings to large enterprises. Additionally, we regularly made incremental improvements with the addition of customized features.‍


  • Step 4: Validate user feedback and implement high-impact changes. Likewise, we developed the UX by providing additional functionality and data sets to the application.‍


  • Step 5: Build a consumer-grade enterprise app. We have since added more new features to the app addressing new use cases not present in 2019. 


50% of Fortune 500s 

We delivered a quick, on-schedule MVP, earning AccuWeather increased profits, their customers greater productivity, and us a multi-year partnership.

Accurately forecasting helps people in organizations plan their day without losing employee time. AccuWeather currently has nearly 50% of Fortune 500 companies as their customers, demonstrating scalability and efficiency of the new mobile app.


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