Athletic Performance Measurement Redefined

For the first time ever, a wearable sensor looks inside the muscles of an athlete to accurately predict their lactate threshold, without removing a single drop of their blood.

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Delivering a breakthrough in human and athletic performance measurement

No pricks, no pain, more gain

BSXinsight is a wearable sensor that enables runners, cyclists, and triathletes to do something they’ve never been able to do before – accurately predict their lactate threshold, without a blood sample, through the use of specialized sensors and crafted algorithms. Instead of pausing your workout so someone can prick your finger with a needle, the BSXinsight sensor allows you to continue your assessment without the need for a bandage. When the test is done, your results appear on your smartphone or tablet; no computer, lab equipment or needle required. And with Daily mode, athletes can continue capturing their performance measurements during their actual workouts in the great outdoors.

Your coach is going to be happy

The BSX app was designed with athletes and coaches in mind. From starting a new lactate threshold assessment to displaying the results, we’ve made every step of the process easy to follow and visually appealing. Not only does the app identify your lactate threshold, it also recommends training targets according to the effort and duration of the exercise.



"For the first time ever, I can measure my body’s internal biometric performance in a highly accurate way, every time I am actually training or racing. Being able to collect, analyze and share this broader data set with my coach has brought a new level of personalization to the training plans my coach develops for me."

Cameron Randolph - Athlete and BSXinsight User


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